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Here we go… AGAIN!!!

Okay.. so I didn’t ever really blog/vent last school year about my frustrations or celebrations at my school.

Instead.. I resigned yesterday!!!

Mrs. Marsh has left the building!

Yes I RESIGNED from my teaching position at Andrew Jackson High School!  Congratulate me because I have accepted a position to teach with Florida Virtual School!  My commute has gone from 60 miles round trip daily, to a walk from my bedroom to my den.  I will now teach in whatever comfy pajamas are clean that day!   My life is good!  I have partially set up my home office although I need a larger desk!  I did find a decent wooden one at the Salvation Army for $99, so I’m going to go back today and see if it is still there because on Fridays at the Salvation Army (the one near me anyway) they give discounts on furniture!  They had an okay bookshelf for $69… but I think I’m going to pass on that for now.  If it’s still there next Friday.. I might get it!

So, you are wondering what one does as a virtual teacher!?!   Well, I will be making a LOT of phone calls!  And equal amount of grading will be done, but NO LESSON PLANNING!  Let me say that again… NO LESSON PLANNING!!!  Gone are the nights of sitting up writing three-page long Intervene School Compliant lesson plans, with pre-written higher-order questions, and all kinds of things that should and do just come naturally to me.  However, the lesson plan must be written so that the billion or so people who walk through our classrooms in any given week will know exactly what is going on… as if they couldn’t just sit down and watch!  LOL  But…. I digress…  The curriculum is all packaged so no lesson plans, just grading, talking on the phone and helping the students who need the help!  WHAT???  Did I just say helping the students that need the help???  Yes!!!!  Differentiation at it’s finest!  The students who can do the work on their own – DO and they move on, no more holding capable students back because some of the other students haven’t gotten it yet!  So, time is spent focusing on those who need the help the most!  Now, I will have to make contact with all of the students on a weekly basis and of course their parents as well!  This is the time-consuming part of teaching online… playing phone tag!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

So… I will be blogging about VIRTUAL TEACHING rather than teaching at an inner-city school.  Stay tuned!